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Welcome to Houston Heights High School.


The following documents are required along with the enrollment forms:

1. Birth Certificate

2. Social Security Card

3. Immunization Records (Shot Records)

4. Transcript and/or Report Card

5. Proof of Address

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We are an open enrollment Texas charter school. Our school offers a learning community that is committed to your success. We have a dedicated staff, small classes, state of the art technology, and a friendly, hard working atmosphere.


When you walk in the door you will notice a difference. Our students and staff enjoy learning and are committed to intellectual growth. Our entire program is dedicated to preparing for you to attend college.


Please use the links to the left to download and print the Student Application. This should be filled out and faxed back to (713) 868-9750 or it can be brought to us at 1125 Lawrence Street, Houston, Texas 77008


We look forward to showing you how to realize your dreams.